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What Is BrightSite™

BriteSite™ is a comprehensive user friendly suite of web applications and tools for developing and managing the most demanding content management, Customer/Partner/Employee Portal, and eCommerce Internet business solutions. BriteSite™ was designed and developed around a highly flexible and modular architecture using the latest web technologies. This innovative design helps to ensure that BriteSite™ will not only meet your current business and technical needs, but continue to grow with your company well into the future. The highly configurable nature of BriteSite™ will help to insure your company structure and existing business processes are seamlessly mapped and supported. BrightSite™ includes many innovative modules to help drive your business and improve customer loyalty, operational efficiencies, communications throughout your entire value chain, and the all important bottom line. Digital Media Network is dedicated to continually enhancing existing modules along with introducing new and exciting modules. The BriteSite™ framework will be tailored to your exact needs for a true custom solution. In addition, Digital Media Network can develop custom modules to give your company the additional functionality and competitive advantage you require.

Industry Specific BrightSite Solutions
Digital Media Network works with its industry-focused teams and clients to uncover their core business issues, design new business processes, and assist the business with the right technology solutions to achieve corporate goals. We are focusing on the most cost-effective and independent technologies while identifying and delivering the right functionality for our clients' specific needs. This approach is assisting our clients to achieve the greatest return on their investment.

Digital Media Network’s BrightSite solutions can be adapted to most industries. In addition to its customization possibilities, Digital Media Network has also designed customized packages for many industries including industrial engineering, retail sales and manufacturing.


Basic Features

Easy Web based Updates
Make your changes using your standard web browser.

Expandable Modules
Add functionality to your site with robust BrightSite plug-ins

Featured Item Generator
This module displays random clients, members or services to be featured on your homepage.

Dynamic News
Update your company news whenever you need without knowing technical coding.

Managed FAQ
Maintain a growing database of searchable FAQs for your site viewers.

Resource Links
Create and maintain your own directory of links.

User Registration Management

Create up to three administrators with permission based access to update your BrightSite.

Administrative Features

  • Contact Manager
  • Database Manager
  • Security Manager
  • E-Marketing Capable
  • Visitor Statistics
  • Admin User Management


Advanced Features

TellAll Integration

Create and maintain your own eMarketing Campaigns and grow your customer base.

Membership Directory
Allow your members to login and update their own profile information.

File Manager
Push files to customer and give customers the option to submit files to you.

Create and deliver fully formatted documents such as catalogs, brochures and manuals in PDF format.

Ad Manager
Manages all aspects of advertising publication and data collection on your site.

Extensive user behavior statistics track who visits your site and how they use it.


A multi-lingual full service shopping cart solution that you can manage without technical assistance.

The true power of the platform is revealed in its ability to support full custom enterprise solutions. When you are ready the BrightSite portal can deliver a unified solution to all of your technology requirements. Contact us to request an demonstration.

Do All This In Just A Few Minutes….

  • Update your website and company information using your standard web browser. No complicated codes required.
  • Easily create multiple Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) databases that answer any customer’s question.
  • Give customers all over the world the ability to do business with you twenty-four hours a day…regardless of language and currency.

With BrightSite, you can do all this, and much, much more. Best of all, this state-of-the-art suite of web applications is fully customized to fit your needs and the needs of your customers.

With BrightSite, you will maximize your efficiency, your competitive advantage, and most of all…your bottom line.

So what are you waiting for? Call 1-877-GO-ONLINE or contact us to learn more today!