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East West Aircraft Launch

Digital Media Network, Inc. announced the launch of a new aircraft inventory control and purchasing system for East West Aircraft Sales, Inc. The system provides East West Aircraft Sales (EWAS) with a sophisticated system for managing a world wide database of new and used aircraft for sale by owners and manufacturers.

EWAS approached South Florida e-business developer Digital Media Network with a need for maintaining a database of aircraft searchable by the public and a sophisticated internal tracking system that keeps EWAS sales personnel informed about aircraft ownership, maintenance and flight operations.  The site is completely managed by EWAS personnel and runs independently of Digital Media Network staff.

As part of Digital Media Network's britesite initiative, the EWAS site is a complete content management system. Every aspect of the site is controlled and maintained by EWAS staff.  "We have given the power to grow to EWAS," said Garett Bugda, strategic developer for Digital Media Network. "East West has the ability to manage their inventory, control content, update news, build an online knowledge base and provide their site users with up to date aviation resources," Bugda added.

Thomas Bernthaler, founder of Digital Media Network explained the value of EWAS and britesite, "We feel our britesite program will benefit smaller companies who need the flexibility and ability to keep their site growing without restrictions. If they want to update something or add critical information, they don't have to call us...they just do it."

About EWAS
East West Aircraft Sales, Inc. provides quality care services in the location, purchase, sale and delivery of new and used turbo-prop and jet aircraft worldwide. EWAS specializes in Cessna Caravan and has over thirty years experience and over 100 Caravans sold worldwide to clients in the USA, Canada, Europe, the Far East and Australia.

About Digital Media Network
Digital Media Network is a globally focused, business-driven professional services firm. The company serves clients to deliver eBusiness solutions leveraging Internet technologies that enable clients to focus on their core business competences.  Digital Media Network has offices in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and European Operations in Nice, France. For more information, visit