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TellAll Communicator

How To Maximize Customer Relationships For Maximum Sales

Your company’s relationship with its customers is crucial. That’s no secret. The secret is how to make it even stronger. How? By reaching out to them…one-on-one. But if you have hundreds, or thousands of customers, is this even practical…or possible? Yes!

TellAll gives you the tools to reach every customer effectively, creatively and personally. You can reach hundreds, or thousands of individuals in only a few seconds through newsletters, invitations, announcements, and much more. Tailored to each individual customer. No matter how many you have or how diverse their interests are.

All for a fraction of the cost of traditional mailings. And that’s just the beginning.
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TellAll Definition
  • A robust eMarketing campaign Manager
  • A powerful relationship building tool
  • A high impact sales/lead generator
  • A communications tracking system
  • An efficient events management system
  • A low-cost market research alternative
Some TellAll Features
  • Multimedia - Flash Letterheads
  • Interactive Greetings and Announcements
  • Personalized Mailings
  • Newsletter Distribution
  • Recipient segmentation and filters
  • Database Imports/Exports
  • Automatic Import Data Cleaner
  • Distribute Traceable Surveys
  • Event Management (Electronic RSVP)
  • Online Address Management
  • Detailed Tracking Reports
  • Event Management
  • Distribute Traceable Coupons
  • Powerful Address Verifier
  • Build In email client
  • Customer segmentation filters
  • Unsubscribe Manager
  • Worldwide access
  • Scheduled Mailings
  • Individual email tracking
  • Campaign performance measurements
  • Guaranteed 100% virus free distribution
  • Label printing
  • Tell-A-Friend
  • Referral Program in Newsletters
  • Collaborate Enterprise Accounts
  • Subscription Management
  • Newsletter Archive
  • Automatic Follow-Up
  • Newsletter Filters
  • Bounce Email Manager
  • Unsubscribe Manager
    And much more …


TellAll Benefits
  • Fraction of cost of traditional mailings
  • Campaigns in minutes vs. weeks
  • Event management in days vs. months
  • Traceable communications
  • High impact graphics/multimedia
  • Completely personalized
  • Instant feedback from recipients
  • Easy removal management
  • Automatic Lead Builder
  • Instant feedback from recipients
  • Easy removal management
  • Automatic Lead Builder
  • Fully customizable

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